What does Chautauqua Institute and The Buffalo Knitting Guild have in common?

When our website went ‘public’, there was a LOT to notice.  You likely browsed our site, noticed its organizational format, and taught yourself how to navigate with the tabs.  You may have enjoyed looking at the featured images (photos at the top of each page) and tried to find yourself.  Maybe, you enjoyed the TABS on reflection, the Pages we call Newsletters, Gallery, Reviews, and Who’s Who (which is currently a WIP).  You likely went to Pages called Programs and Seminars to get a flavor of the direction the Guild was taking for this upcoming year.  You may have utilized the Calendar Page and marked down our events in your own agenda.

When it was said and done, you may or may not have noticed that while the 2016/2017 season indeed begins in the Fall, there is a section of information entitled SUMMER.  It looks like this at the very top of the Program Page:


Ann Hood, distinguished and award-winning author, will be presenting at the Buffalo Knitting Guild at our October 2016 meeting. We are so excited to bring this distinguished author to the Guild!

We bring this to your attention because you are probably thinking “What!! Summer homework?  Preparation for the October meeting?”  And, the answer is YES!

We suggest three steps in preparing you for this great program and the steps should probably begin NOW!

STEP ONE:  Familiarize yourself with Ann Hood.  She is the author of fifteen books and is a New York Times Best Seller author.  Need we say more?  Delving into non-fiction, she has written and collated essays meant to share and inspire.  She has written about knitting and in those particular books she includes patterns.   And, what do you know?  She is on the faculty at Chautauqua Institute this summer!  Some of our Guild members heard her speak!  Here, we have a link to her website where you can peruse book choice.  We are suggesting The Knitting Circle, Knitting Yarns, Knitting Pearls, all highly recommended by people who have read them.

commentary of an Ann Budd enthusiast:

She will speak again on Thursday, and is teaching a writing class all week. This is her fifth visit to Chautauqua.  She read from a non fiction essay called Tomato Pie, about a writer who inspired her.  Her newest book is just out.  I also just read the Knitting Circle, think I can count almost any project, socks, hat, gloves, blanket squares, fingerless mitts, scarves, as they are all in that book, but not with any detail.  She is very engaging.  Her family were Italian Americans, and she did have a daughter, Grace, who died of a staph infection when she was four.  I didn’t know her writing had won many awards.  She said reading and writing were stalwarts all her life, but she couldn’t read or write in the grief of her daughter’s death, and knitting got her through those two years.

STEP TWO:  Knit up one of those patterns from her books.  They are easy, fun projects.  We have made it very easy for you by linking some of these patterns on our Resource Links Page.  These links will give you all the information you need to complete any of these projects.  Imagine how delighted she will be when she comes in October and sees that we not only read her books but we also worked up some of these patterns!  We are hoping you will take this on.

STEP THREE:  The Guild is excited to announce that this event is going public!  We felt this such a great opportunity that the invitation be extended not only to Guild members but to the general public, as well.  [FREE], of course to a Guild member, $5.00 entrance fee to guests.  So, we encourage you to bring a friend!  Ann will take audience questions and yes, she will sign books.  She will sign her authored books you already own or sign books you purchase on site.  Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Check out this very enthusiastic Guild member who has packed for summer travel making certain she is prepared for our very special guest, Ann Hood this October!

 Again, [FREE] for Guild members

$5.00 at the door for non-members

9 thoughts on “What does Chautauqua Institute and The Buffalo Knitting Guild have in common?

  1. I heard Ann Hood speak at Larkinville in December. She is engaging and charming. You will equally love Ann’s presentation to the Guild.The Guild is so lucky to have Ann come for our October meeting. Don’t miss it. And bring a friend!This event is open to the public with a $5.00 charge for non members.


    1. awesome! There have been many comments about her books, also. We noticed that some of the essays were authored by knitters and designers from Ravelry! It is always exciting and cool to recognize names that are out there in our field. We look forward to the Public Event of Ann Hood’s presentation being hosted by The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo!


    1. There needs to be a forum for many voices, so this seems to be an appropriate venue appropriate for that. Some of us have heard Ann speak before. It seems whether you have heard her or have read her work, everyone seems to enjoy her presence. Looking forward to posting more here and hoping you continue to comment.


  2. I heard Ann speak with Gina last fall. It is all due to Gina in getting her back to Buffalo and at our Guild in October. She is a delightful speaker. She admits to being a beginning knitter, but so inspiring. Love her books, can’t wait to hear her again.


    1. This is a great and well deserved shout-out for Gina. And, we all look very forward to hearing Ann speak, now more than ever with your commentary!


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