Are YOU In the Know?

There is lots going on already with The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo and the season hasn’t even begun! Check the list, below to see how informed you really are! Here goes!

1. Help Welcome a New Kid in Town ~ Event Monday, August 22 10:00am

This Monday, August 22nd at 10:00 is the invite to all of us to visit the new yarn shop in town, WNY Knits.  Click HERE for their website.  This is our effort at making the new yarn shop feel welcome in our local community. The doors will open a bit earlier on that day, Heather Schwartz, Owner of WNY Yarns tells us, at 9:45 so that visitors may settle in a bit while the press conference is scheduled with Channel 2 at 10:00am. (Maybe, you will even be caught on camera if you are in view.)  Remember, this is a Press Conference about the new shop; we are there as support.

2. Ann Hood, National Speaker/Professional Writer ~ Event October 6th 7:00pm

Ann Hood’s visitation to the Knitting Guild on October 6th at our regular meeting time is now an event and has been open to the public. We have written about the event, in detail HERE. To be prepared and to make her feel welcome, we have asked you to read one of her books, knit up a pattern from one of her books, and to bring a friend to the event. We have the lowest membership cost in town and this little fee of $5.00 per visitor (non-member) is helping to fray ever-growing expenses of the Guild.

3. Membership Application ~ It is EVERYWHERE!  It can be found:

  • on the Membership Page of our website HERE. Here you can see the form, print it up and mail it in with your payment OR click on the PayPal button, fill out the form via PayPal and pay that way.
  • You can find it in the Guild_Cable_ September/October 2016. Print it up and mail it in with your payment.
  • You can find it directly on our Facebook Page. It will always be right there on the right-hand side under “Notes”. Print it up and mail it in with your payment.
  • And, here it is, once again.  Membership form 2016-17
  • Like I said, it is everywhere.

4. Help Yourself!  ~ The Website is a Reference Tool!

If, for some reason, you did NOT receive our most recently sent Newsletter called the September/October 2016 Newsletter, there may be a few reasons. Whatever the reason and rather than being harsh and blaming technology, yourself, or the Guild please know and learn that the website is a reference tool!

This is meaning that if you are thinking, “HEY! I didn’t get the last Newsletter” you can go directly to and under the tab called Newsletters  you can retrieve it yourself!

We, as an Organization are moving in this direction of self help. It is important that you realize that any and ALL information regarding our Organization is now updated regularly, readily available, and purposely organized for your convenience. This has been a very busy summer for the Guild as we have taken this task of website-as-a-resource very seriously.

If you notice a repeat of your not receiving our emails (one email / week typically on Friday or the weekend), then use the Contact Page of our website, politely write to us, and we will respond immediately to help you.

5. Another Change! ~ Hang on to your hats!

You have to be wondering when are all these changes going to stop? And, we might hopefully say . . . never. You see, change means growth and that is what we are all about. What is changing now is our email system. We will be saying farewell to Constant Contact and hello to Vertical Response as it is the smarter choice for our Organization. So, here is what you can expect:

To make sure your email is included in the switch-over, you will be receiving TWO emails. You will be receiving 1 from Constant Contact (it says that at the bottom) from the Buffalo Knitting Guild and then you will be receiving another from Vertical Response (VR for Vertical Response at the bottom).

If you do not get the second email, simply use the Contact form here on our website and politely write to us and tell us of your issue.  We will answer you promptly.


*****Hope to see some of you this Monday!

*****Consider signing up for our blog (Just put your email in the blue box in the corner and then you are sure NOT to miss a thing!)


7 thoughts on “Are YOU In the Know?

  1. Y’all have been busy this summer. You are really challenging me with all this new technology—one would think we were in 2016!


    1. We’ve challenged ourselves, as well. It will become more natural for all of us, eventually. The goal is to align our social media presence with the actual greatness of our Organization.


    1. I do believe we’ve sent you a reply. Know that by end of next week we will be sending out another email via VR and adding a new blog post. Please look out for these things.


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