The Blog Page

Likely the greatest change you see to our website is a tab that says “blog”.

A blog is simply a place for a running commentary of the goings-on of that website.

a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

definition from online dictionary

So, on this Page (or Tab), you will see different articles (posts) on the happenings of our organization or you may read about opinions of various speakers or events.   You will read of announcements and happenings.  We will inform you of changes to our programs or updates to our website.  We may share photos of our work and of us in action.  Basically, the advantage of a website, especially a blog, is that it is a living document that has the ability to be in constant flux as life changes as opposed to a website that is published on one particular day and never changes.

We feel the greatest importance to a page like this is that it provides the READER a chance to comment along the way.  Providing a line of communication between author and reader only makes the website and the organization it represents, stronger.   Just click on ‘comment’ and follow the steps.

If you are shy and don’t want to use your voice, another way to show support of the organization’s work and/or thoughts is to ‘like’ the post.  Just click on the ‘like’ icon!


ONE:  We’ve linked this site to our FB page!  Every time we write here, the new post will pop up on our Facebook page.  So, you will always see the new post from our blog right there!   Just another reason to ‘like’ our Page on FB!

TWO:  A second opportunity to catch every word is to click the little blue corner labeled ‘follow’, fill in your email addy, and the newly written post goes directly to your own email!

THREE:  Do both one and two to show support of your organization!



See all our emotions!  Right there as you look at these faces, we bet you are identifying with one expression or another.  In your mind . . . “OH”  or “yep”  or “I’ve been there!”

How exciting to enter into the world of blogging!     Besides our emotions, we are a very busy, cooperative group so there is always LOTS to say!

13 thoughts on “The Blog Page

  1. Heard on the news that the Ramada on N Forest is letting go of its staff as it will become student housing for UB as of the end of August 2016.. Any truth to it as that is where we are to have our meetings starting this fall.


    1. Hi Pat! The good, bad, and the ugly . . . Bad ~ We do believe there is truth to this. Good ~ There is a group within the leadership who are out hunting for an equally fabulous location. Ugly ~ It takes time and when we know something, we will be letting everyone know. Hang in there and at least we have a fabulous website to keep everyone updated! Have a great summer and hopefully your knitting needles are flying!


      1. Holly, something is wrong. I just spent a half hour trying to find this blog and was only to do so by going back to the original email that was sent. Any ideas on how to get here quicker.


      2. type in, then go to the blog tab. You will see all the posts that have been written thus far. Make sure you are typing NOT .org. That could be your confusion. Hope this helps. Likely the next post will be up later this week.


      3. Pat, I have an exciting update for you! We now can be reached at BOTH domains! You can type in OR and you will come to OUR WEBSITE!!


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