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HYATT PLACE – 5020 Main Street, Amherst, NY  14226

We are very excited to have BETH BROWN-REINSEL coming for our “Spring” Seminar.  This was originally scheduled for May, 2021, but we were able to secure Beth for August 28-29, when it might be a little more normal. Beth is a prolific author, designer and teacher.  She is one of the world’s experts in traditional knitting techniques of many different ethnic groups.   She is a fantastic teacher and is incredibly patient.  You will love her classes.   Wherever Beth teaches, her classes sell out and are generally $100 or more per three hours of class.  The guild is bringing these classes to you at $35 per three hours of class ($40 for non-members).  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Spaces in the classes will be limited to allow 6 ft between students.  Masks will be required for entering the hotel and the classroom, and may also be requested by the instructor or student for any close encounters.

There are 3 classes:  1 on Saturday for 6 hours:   9AM – 12N and 1PM – 4PM, and  2 on Sunday for 3 hours each:   9AM – 12N and 1PM – 4PM.  You may register for as many classes as you like.  We will register Guild members in order of receipt of your registration as follows:

1.  All registrations postmarked or received by Friday, July 9, 2021 from Guild Members, in order of receipt.

2.  All other registrations from Guild Members or Non-Guild Members in order of receipt.


Class Descriptions: (Each class is limited to 25 participants)

Saturday, August 28, 9am – 12n and 1pm – 4pm:  Gansey Techniques

Students will learn how to construct a Gansey, a sweater form prevalent in the 19th and early 20th centuries among the fishermen of the British Isles. A small scale sweater will be knitted using traditional construction techniques including the classic Channel Island Cast-on, split welts, seam stitches, traditional knit/purl patterns, the underarm gusset, shoulder straps with perpendicular joining, and picked up sleeves. Alternative methods to these techniques will also be explored. 

Sunday, August 29, 9am – 12n:  Traditional Beginnings:  Cast-ons from Long Ago

Learn eight of the most beautiful, and practical, cast-ons in our knitting history, and when to use them.  From the UK, we will cover the Channel Island Cast-on, the Knotted Cast-on, and the Multi-Strand Cast-on. Included are two basic go–to cast-ons, the Long Tail and Old Norwegian cast-ons, that are the basis for two decorative cast-ons from the Twined Knitting tradition in Sweden. Last, the wonderful Braided Cast-on from Finland will be taught in 3 colors! In addition, a couple bind-offs will be covered as well for you to practice on as you bind off your swatches. 

Sunday, August 29, 1pm – 4pm:  Norwegian Purl

The Norwegian Purl, a variation of the conventional Continental purl, is noted for its superior tension control, and ease of execution. The yarn always stays behind the work, making ribbing a breeze and stranded purling on the wrong side a pleasure. A swatch will be worked in class to practice this technique and its applications: Garter stitch in purl, one-color ribbing or seed stitch, the Scandinavian method of working with two yarns in the left hand (knitting, purling, and weaving) on the right side and the wrong side of the work.

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KGGB Seminar will be held at

HYATT PLACE – 5020 Main Street, Amherst, NY  14226

Kate Atherly has been rescheduled for our 2022 Seminar Weekend.