The Social Media Page

We want this website to serve as a resource for you. Therefore, much thought has gone into making this site easily accessible. We not only want the navigation to be easy but we want you to be able to find what you are looking for quickly.

Therefore, every so often, we will be highlighting one of our many Pages to demonstrate its ease and convenience. This post will be highlighting the Social Media Page.

We are hoping the first thing you will notice when you click on our Social Media Page is the large number of places you can now find us. We are everywhere! Well, almost. When you see the lettering in blue, you can click on that lettering and up pops the spot, otherwise known as a link, in cyberspace that takes you to that location. So, if you see the name of a pattern in blue lettering, click on it and you will immediately be at the pattern. If you see a title of an article in blue lettering, you can click on those letters and it takes you right to that article. The same thing is true regarding these social network sites. When you see a social site, we’ll use Facebook as an example, in blue lettering, you can click on the lettering and it takes you right to our Facebook Page. By the way, the use of blue lettering and/or underlining to denote a link is universal cyber behavior in all websites.

The reason why we are wanting to be in so many locations in cyberland is because, behind the scenes, these sites are linked together. What that does for us is is when we “publish” here, the post is networked and is seen in all of these sites, automatically! This is saving us lots and lots of time where otherwise, we would need to do this publishing at these various sites, manually. The more we are seen, the more people know of us and the great things that are occurring at The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo!

Why do we want to publish, you might ask? Every time we write a post, people visit our website. Every time someone visits the website, we are hoping that person is learning something new. Remember, as we said at the onset, we want our website to be a resource and, by definition, a resource is a place to be learning something new.

When you think about the site called Instagram, that is a site for sharing photos, not so much website posts. Well, if you remember from last year, we had a lot of photos to share. We invite you to stay tuned by following us on Instagram to see the NEW collection of photos we will be sharing this year.

We, as an organization, have one question for our membership. We wonder if we need to send out email notifications when a new blog post has published when there is a constant invitation to follow us right here by clicking the blue box in the corner?   Feel free to respond if you have a strong opinion on that.

Fun Challenge:  (answers at bottom)

A.  Can you name these social media sites?

B.  Can you identify where we currently have a presence?

Feel free to like or comment and join us at any one of our new cyber social media sites!



answers to Fun Challenge:

A.  Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Vimeo, Google Plus

B.  Of the icons listed in the image, we are currently on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus!  Make sure to utilize our Social Media Page to stay updated with the most current information on our social site output!


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