Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo

Programs 2021 – 2022

The Board of TKGGB is committed to working within the Local, State and Federal guidelines regarding group get togethers during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

  • September 2
    • Welcome Back with Show & Tell
    • Let’s get together and celebrate being back together!  We encourage you to bring all of your pandemic projects to this meeting.  Typically members have brought one or two items to share, but this time we want to SEE IT ALL – we have a lot of ooohing, aahhing and applauding to make up for!  If possible let us know what pattern and yarn you used – remember imitation is the highest form of flattery!
  • October 7
    • Boozie Bears
    • Get an inside look at what it takes to make a knitting podcast from The Co-Host of Boozie Bears Knitting Podcast, and our own VP Justin Harris.  Justin will take you for a trip behind the scenes of video podcasting, as well as sharing with you some great podcasts to watch, some of which gave Vince and Justin the inspiration to make their own. Also, if you bring a show and tell with you, you just might make it into an episode, as Justin will be bringing the filming equipment for you to show your WIP or FO to the Boozie Bears Audience!!  
  • November 4
    • Jen Johnson from Whispering Pines Farm
    • You love to knit with farm yarns, yarns that are from small flocks of sheep – either from a mill or handspun bythe farmer. Something about that direct connection to an animal or group of animals that you know are cherished and well cared for. You also love to understand the basics of the breed of sheep you are knitting with, what are their traits and what sets them apart from other breeds. But how do you select the correct type of farm yarn for a specific project? Farm raised Shetland wool can be difficult to source for knitting projects because the North American breed association standard is very broad and accepts many types of wool as acceptable. You can find farm yarn made from Shetland wool that is very long and wavy, perfect for draping – or from shetland wool that is soft and crimpy – ideal for next to skin projects that require elasticity. J&S have standardized the shetland wool they offer by bringing in the wool clip from all over the islands and sorting it into different grades, so you always know what you are getting when you order jumper weight, lace weight or other types of yarns. Jennifer will help the knitter understand why there is so much variation in shetland farm yarns sourced in the USA and how to identify the correct type for your knitting project. She will cover a little bit about the origin and history of the breed, then will discuss the traits that distinguish shetland sheep from other breeds. She will have examples of knit items from farm yarn from her sheep to show the different types of shetland farm yarn and how they are applied to knitting projects.
    • Bring your questions! Jennifer would like to hear from us – what questions or anxieties do you have when considering projects using farm yarns? Also what have you experienced when working with farm yarns – the good and the bad?
  • December 2
    • Steeking w/ Sharon – Sharpen your scissors and learn the ABC’s of steeks!  Sharon will guide us through the process and you will be amazed at your feats of derring-do! Please complete this homework prior to the meeting if you would like to participate. And here is the class handout in case you were not able to attend the meeting.
  • January – NO MEETING
  • March 3
    • Finishing w/ Sue Yarborough.  Ever knit an entire project only to have it ruined by a wonky seam?  Do you have the blocking blues?  Sue will be sharing her tips and techniques for achieving professional results.
  • April 7
    • Test Knitting with Deb & Isabelle. Are you curious about what is involved in test knitting patterns? How do you become a test knitter and what is expected? Deb & Issy are devoted test knitters and they will be telling us all about their experiences!
  • April 29 – May 1
    • Seminar w/ Kate Atherley
  • May 5
    • Choosing yarn for your pattern w/ Ben from Have Ewe Any Wool.  There are so many options, it can be overwhelming – Ben to the rescue! Learn the basics of figuring out what thickness of yarn and how many yards the pattern calls for, so you know what to look for at a yarn store. Is there a benefit to using one fiber (wool, alpaca, acrylic, cotton, etc.) or one construction (chainette, single, 2-ply, etc.) over another? Do I have to use the yarn the pattern calls for? How comfortable do I feel choosing another yarn, or perhaps another thickness?
  • June 2
    • Yarn Auction