Happiness Abounds for Buffalo Knitting Guild Members!

Happiness abounds in the Greater Buffalo area when it comes to knitting! After all you’ve GOT to be happy about the news regarding The Knitting Guild’s new meeting location!  (Or, at least be thrilled we HAVE a meeting place!)  I guess that would be the new, NEW location!  We cannot wait to experience the professional feel of our new space as well as learn a new route of travel getting acclimated to its proximity from our homes.

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It was early June
We were celebrating the end of our season
Happy to be on vacation
to be without rhyme or reason

Our new website had just been published
Time to sit back
letting cyberspace catch up
where we were lax

“The Ramada is closing,
The Ramada is CLOSING,”
we were told on Ravelry.
Was it a rumor, was it true?

What about the programming,
Yarn Fest and Auction
It was all set,
Oh, what to do?

Panic, fear
We went into a state
phone calls a-plenty
to set up some dates

Here and there
what would be best?
How could we match
what we had already arranged?

Well, roses are red
Violets are blue
And we, indeed
have some news for YOU

As we knit our cables
And block our lace . . .
We are here to inform,
Our new home
is the Hyatt Place!

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What does Chautauqua Institute and The Buffalo Knitting Guild have in common?

When our website went ‘public’, there was a LOT to notice.  You likely browsed our site, noticed its organizational format, and taught yourself how to navigate with the tabs.  You may have enjoyed looking at the featured images (photos at the top of each page) and tried to find yourself.  Maybe, you enjoyed the TABS on reflection, the Pages we call Newsletters, Gallery, Reviews, and Who’s Who (which is currently a WIP).  You likely went to Pages called Programs and Seminars to get a flavor of the direction the Guild was taking for this upcoming year.  You may have utilized the Calendar Page and marked down our events in your own agenda.

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The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo is Launching into Blogosphere

Readers, knitters, community organizers, members, friends . . . we are delighted and excited to present our brand new website to you!   We realize everyone’s lives become entangled with the busyness of family, employment, and challenges  to the degree that it becomes difficult, sometimes impossible, keeping up with the recording of our own actions, thoughts, and ideas.  We’ve somehow found time this last month to pause and reflect on The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo’s journey, in particular this last year.  We realize the importance of capturing, in written form, where we’ve been so we can travel with greater purpose and focused direction in our future.  And, we realize the importance of providing opportunity for many voices to speak on behalf of the good of the organization.

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