The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo is Launching into Blogosphere

Readers, knitters, community organizers, members, friends . . . we are delighted and excited to present our brand new website to you!   We realize everyone’s lives become entangled with the busyness of family, employment, and challenges  to the degree that it becomes difficult, sometimes impossible, keeping up with the recording of our own actions, thoughts, and ideas.  We’ve somehow found time this last month to pause and reflect on The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo’s journey, in particular this last year.  We realize the importance of capturing, in written form, where we’ve been so we can travel with greater purpose and focused direction in our future.  And, we realize the importance of providing opportunity for many voices to speak on behalf of the good of the organization.

What did we want for our website?  There were a few goals.

  • to look like a knitting site
  • to be organized
  • to be easy to navigate and read
  • to be current with our latest activities
  • to be a useful, helpful resource
  • to be an avenue for communication

For a visual appeal, we have utilized the many photographs that were taken this last season.  This gave us much choice and variety for the top photos (featured images) you see on each page.  Hopefully you will notice how the image has something to do with the contents of its page.

Using a simple, clean theme from WordPress, we feel the site is now highly organized with tabs meant to be familiar like in a notebook or like a table of contents in an informational text.  Click on a tab and you will be where you want to be.  We did enlarge the font a bit for easier reading.

Our site is so current, you will be able to read about ALL the programming for the upcoming 2016/2017 season!  You will read about Spring Seminar Weekend!  You will have access to all of the PDFs we will be using this year!  You will learn about our charity knitting and the list goes on.  There is much to read and take in!  Some new, some old, there is a nice blend to keep the mind growing and, of course, our hands going!

 So with a tap of a finger to the publish key, we wish our new updated website a happy and successful launch!


2 thoughts on “The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo is Launching into Blogosphere

  1. Good site for meetings. Maybe a larger room. It seems that the Temple hall was always full.. First meeting of the new year, of coarse there were a lot of people. Everyone wanted to see the new site.. A knit along project looks interesting. Keep up the good work.


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