Happiness Abounds for Buffalo Knitting Guild Members!

Happiness abounds in the Greater Buffalo area when it comes to knitting! After all you’ve GOT to be happy about the news regarding The Knitting Guild’s new meeting location!  (Or, at least be thrilled we HAVE a meeting place!)  I guess that would be the new, NEW location!  We cannot wait to experience the professional feel of our new space as well as learn a new route of travel getting acclimated to its proximity from our homes.

Now, that everyone knows of our new address, we thought we could take a tour of our space! We don’t have a fancy power point for you like we did announcing the Ramada, but we do have some photographs that will give you some familiarity before our first meeting on September 8th. (That is not a typo, our first meeting is the second Thursday in September.)

So, here goes from street to room:

Once again, this is the view of the Hyatt Place of Amherst from Main Street, just off the expressway.  It could not be more convenient from any one direction.

As you walk from the parking lot entering into the building, this is the view.

Parking is ample and there is handicapped parking.  Believe it or not, there are even heated sidewalks to melt the ice during winter months!

As you enter through that door, you encounter the front desk.  Next to the front desk is a lovely open area, cafe style.

Regarding refreshments:  We will be able to purchase coffee, tea, sodas, wine, beer at the hotel bar and bring into the meeting room which is just down the hall.  We will also be able to purchase cupcakes, cookies and other treats at the bar.  A light dinner menu is available with salads and sandwiches if a meal is your plan before or after the meeting.  There is a nice lobby to eat in or socialize and the best part . . . room galore for knitting gatherings.

Check out this computer lab!  We just love its open, airy feel.  Want to look up patterns on Ravelry?  ‘Like’ our FB page?  Maybe, another member could even teach you a tip or two in navigating our website!

Did we mention we are using the facilities on one level, so there are no stairs to worry about?

As we welcome our speakers and ask how they might like the room to be set up, we will expect to see different looks.  Here are two examples:


And, yes there are round tables too for our use if that is what the speaker prefers.  The tables and chairs are clean and  comfortable. The room has excellent lighting and is surrounded by windows.  There are three doors that can be propped open for fresh air. There are bathrooms right across from our meeting space.

As you head back to the parking lot, the view looks something like this.

We don’t know about you, but we are very excited about Guild season 2016-2017!


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