The Social Media Page

We want this website to serve as a resource for you. Therefore, much thought has gone into making this site easily accessible. We not only want the navigation to be easy but we want you to be able to find what you are looking for quickly.

Therefore, every so often, we will be highlighting one of our many Pages to demonstrate its ease and convenience. This post will be highlighting the Social Media Page.

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The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo is Launching into Blogosphere

Readers, knitters, community organizers, members, friends . . . we are delighted and excited to present our brand new website to you!   We realize everyone’s lives become entangled with the busyness of family, employment, and challenges  to the degree that it becomes difficult, sometimes impossible, keeping up with the recording of our own actions, thoughts, and ideas.  We’ve somehow found time this last month to pause and reflect on The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo’s journey, in particular this last year.  We realize the importance of capturing, in written form, where we’ve been so we can travel with greater purpose and focused direction in our future.  And, we realize the importance of providing opportunity for many voices to speak on behalf of the good of the organization.

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