Knit for a Lifetime!

“Activity is the essence of life” said Dean Carroll OT/R, at the Guild’s October meeting.  Dean was our featured speaker and taught us  how to keep our bodies healthy so we can  knit for a lifetime.20171005_195439

Here are some tips Dean shared:


Don’t Knit for Hours

     Change your posture frequently and don’t sit for more  than 20 minutes. Get up and move, do something else, stretch. Frequent stretching is essential.





The Position of Comfort = The Position Of  Deformity

That favorite ,worn out, soft chair you sit on may not be the best for knitting and your body.  The pelvis supports the spine and tilts forward and back. Use a lumbar roll to support your pelvis and  spine. The softer the chair the more likely you are to round your pelvis  in a bad  way so think about what you are sitting on!sit1

Mind Your Elbows

Elbows are the most neglected joint in the body. Don’t let your  elbows stay in one position for too long. You could develop a bursitis and/or  joint issues  and   have problems knitting down the road.elbow

     Adequate Lighting is Essential

Eyes can become strained and injured when  lighting is not sufficient.  Also, you may position yourself in an awkward position if  lighting is too dim which could then cause injuries to the body.lights

      Temperature is Important

Repetitive movements in cold environments can lead to arthritic conditions and repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel  syndrome.  If your hands feel cold raise the heat or wear compression style  fingerless gloves while you knit to keep  joints warm and to provide support to  your hands. temp

What do you do to ensure you can Knit for a Lifetime?  Share in our comments section!


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Knits That Fit

Our September meeting started off by welcoming local knitwear designer, author, and master knitter Heather Lodinsky. Heather  taught us how to create knits that will will actually fit us as individuals so that we wear what we spend so much time lovingly creating. “One-size-fits-all should only be for afghans and tote bags,” said Heather


Heather offered these tips for making Knits That Fit:

 1. Size is a standard we use; ” know how you like your clothes to fit. Fit is subjective. We all feel different in our own fit.”


2.  Get your favorite fitting top or sweater and measure it: sleeves, bust, length. Once you have these numbers you will know how to fit patterns for your size.

3.  Gauge is critical for knits that fit. Don’t think of Gauge and  swatching as a task or as a waste of time. Heather says think of gauge as” playing with your yarn and know that it will tell you what your yarn will do. Without gauge there’s no fit. “

4 . Generally stitch gauge means more than row gauge. Stitch gauge needs to be perfect. Even being a quarter of an inch off from your stitch gauge can make a sweater too big or too small. Always check your gauge and never think it will simply work out in the end.”Without gauge there’s no fit.”


5.   Ease is the difference between your bust size and the garment’s bust size. Negative ease means the garment will be smaller than the actual bust size. No ease means you will have a close-fitting garment. Positive ease means a garment several inches bigger than your bust size, generally 4 inches  is the standard for positive ease.

What did you learn at the September meeting? How has Heather’s discussion changed your thoughts on knitting and pattern design? Share in our Comments Section!


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A New Season Takes Off — join the Buffalo Knitting Guild!

Welcome to the 2017-18 season of the Knitting Guild of Great Buffalo! We are thrilled to start a fresh season and have exciting programs lined up. Our theme this year is COLOR and we hope this season you will join us in coloring your knitting world!

There are 2 levels of membership being offered this year!

The Individual Membership is available for $20.00. The Board has worked hard to keep the price low and at $20.00 for the past few seasons. This membership entitles you to

  • Allguild meetings (usually the first Thursday of every month), featuring KALs, tips and techniques, and related content.
  • Priority enrollment in our seminars, typically taught by internationally known, published knitters.
  • A bimonthly newsletter, “The Guild Cable” as well as direct email communication keeping you informed of the many Guild’s happenings.
  • Discounts at Guild member yarn shops.
  • Learning and sharing with published writers of knitting, well known knitwear designers, and area knitters.

Join now at

The Business Membership is a fabulous way for fiber related businesses to build relationships with Guild members and advertise to an active group of knitters from all walks of life. The Business Membership is set at a value price of $100 and includes

  • ability to leave flyers regarding your store business at our membership tables
  • make an announcement at the meetings on behalf of your product(s), pre-arranged
  • ability to sell wares from 6:30pm – 7:00pm at one or more of our monthly meeting(s), pre-arranged
  • list on Guild’s website as a preferred shop [300 – 500 views daily]
  • social media promotion and collaboration via Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • business card sized ads in each newsletter [5 issues per year]
  • banner ad on the Guild’s website [through the year]

If you are interested in the Business Membership contact the Guild via email at

We look forward to having you as a member this year!

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June Fashion Show

These were the words.

Get ready to strut your stuff at the year end Fashion Show. 

To participate in the show you must be a Guild member and you need to model ONE item you knit during this Guild season that you want to show off. We will organize the show based on categories, ex: accessories, sweaters, etc.

We, the Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo always hope that one activity or another, one lesson or another, one member or another has motivated you to learn something new, be more courageous in your knitting, or to become inspired in ways you might otherwise not have before.  With our progressive location, fully packed meetings, and programs for varying levels of knitters, our theme this year was to GROW.  Ending each season with a fashion show is our way for you to show off your new skill, beautiful garment, or just to share with others a project that you have completed.

See our wonderful models below, all knitting Guild members, and their works of accomplishment.  I think their smiles say it all in how they feel about their projects.

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Yarn Fest, May 2017 and a Public Shout Out to Gina!

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Please enjoy these beautiful pictures of Yarn Fest, 2017, the kick-off to this year’s Special Events Weekend, taken by one of our Guild members who also happened to be a vendor at this year’s event.   Check out the enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Our April Meeting ~ Thank you, Jenna

Do you remember the topic of our April meeting?

We want to acknowledge and thank Jenna, member of the Buffalo Knitting Guild and owner of 716Yarn for her generosity of time and talent when she stepped in as presenter to teach the Guild back in April.  Her focus was  on the different techniques of dying yarns and the subsequent result in a knitted garment.  From self-striping to ‘splatter’ dying and all kinds of creativity in between, Jenna explained these processes from a dyer’s point of view.  With each different dying technique, Jenna also had examples of these yarns knitted mostly into socks to show us what the end result would look like.

Jenna talked on how she enjoys experimenting to create new, unique features of dying.   One could easily get caught up simply in the names of her original yarns.  She explained how dye lots or color combinations can be custom ordered through her.

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March Yarn Auction

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Our March Auction ~ A collection of photos for you to enjoy our Annual Yarn Auction all over again.

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A Peek at Yarn Auction Prep

It is about one week prior to our Annual Yarn Auction.  Preparations are underway for what we hope will be another successful event.  The idea has always been to donate yarn to the Knitting Guild knowing that one person’s ‘trash’ is another person’s treasure.  The donated yarns are bundled and become a ‘lot’.  These lots are organized, numbered, hauled to the meeting place and set up on display the night of the auction.  The information regarding the yarn is collated, recorded, and available at the meeting.  The prepared list coordinates with the lots, so the member can know ahead of time what she/he might bid on.

An idea to prepare yourself BEFORE the auction might be to review your queue of knitting projects, check to see what yarns you might need to knit those items and write yourself a list.  Or, of course there is always impulse shopping.

Here is a peek at the preparations that occurred this last Sunday.

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Success for both Teacher and Student at our Mini-Classes Meeting

It was totally my joy. Thank you for asking.

I would like to say Thank you to Barbara for sharing her time and talent with me and the other double knitting students.  I know it is not easy to put our hectic lives aside, but she did it and did it well for the good of all of us. Thank for teaching me/us to double knit!

The reviews are rolling in and as usual, people just loved our mini-class meeting.   Here are some shots of the variety of classes we offered and the tables filled with resources, focused knitters, and learning of all kinds.

Entrelac Basics – Taught by Marja Coons-Torn

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Excitement is in the Air; February Agenda included


Of course, by now you have received and have read about our exciting Seminar weekend.  There is a Page called Spring Seminar on our website for easy access as well as a Page specifically on Seminar Registration for your perusal.  I have attached the Registration form in PDF on BOTH of these Pages of our website for your convenience.  And, [HERE] it is again.   “In PDF” means you can click on that link, the form pops up, and you can print up that form to send in with your payment.  It’s meant to be easy.  Make sure when you send in your payment, you make very clear what specific classes you are interested in.  Do not send in payment without this indication.  And, as our website indicates, an email confirming your class(es) will be sent to you.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, there is a glitch in your registration.  This full circle communication is very important keeping all parties in-the-know, so be looking for this after your payment and of course, write to us if you have any inquiries.


You know that THIS Thursday, February 2nd is our evening of mini classes.

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