A Jam-Packed Welcome Back Meeting!

Sue Yarborough, the Guild’s Co-President, kicked off the September 2018 Buffalo Knitting Guild Season by welcoming new and returning members.  In addition to introducing this year’s Board members, Sue briefly discussed the following items prior to the introduction of the evening’s featured speaker:

  •  This year’s theme is Participation. Gift certificates will be given to members Participation in Guild meetings and activities throughout the year. The ‘$5 Gift Certificates’ may be used towards the May 2019 Weekend Seminars featuring guest instructor Lorilee Beltman (https://lorileebeltman.com/).
  • Results of 2017/2018 member survey:
    • More Social Time for Members – Meeting room will be open from 6:30 – 9:00 pm to allow members social time before and after meetings.
    • Room Configuration – Provide tables along with seating.  This is not possible in the September meeting but will be implemented when possible depending upon the meeting program and turnout.
    • Alternate Meeting Location – Adrienne Kotler will look into other options but is looking to other members to provide her with ideas and join her in this effort.  You can get in touch with Adrienne at contact@buffaloknittingguild. com (the guild’s email) if you’d like to help her in this effort.
  • Charity Knitting for this year will benefit the following:
    • Jericho Road – Mens hats and scarves (in washable wool please!) are requested by November; patterns available on the Guild website.
    • Knitted Knockers – these are handmade prosthetics for women who have had mastectomies.  A local representative will speak to Guild members about them at an upcoming meeting.  Patterns and yarn requirements are available at the website, https://www.knittedknockers. org/
  • Two members provided a ‘Show & Tell’ of their amazing finished projects; photos provided below:
    • Monica showed us her knitted yellow afghan, a triple ribbon winner of the 2018 Erie County Fair.  Monica has been a frequent winner at the Fair over the years.
    • Barbara displayed a beautiful baby blanket she knitted for a friend’s baby. The blanket featured a fleece lining for extra warmth, wear and an additional color element.

Ann Falcone, Communications Co-Director, gave a quick tutorial on using the website.  New items include upcoming fiber events in the WNY area and the upcoming password protected Members webpage which will have a Members Directory; Newsletters will eventually be archived here.

Gina Passantino, Program Co-Director, provided the list of this year’s mini-classes to be held during the November meeting. Refer to the Guild website for more details.  She then introduced the evening’s featured speaker, Dr. Arlesa Shephard, professor at Buffalo State College in the Fashion & Textile Technology department.  Dr. Shephard discussed Textile Care & Preservation including:

  • A lengthy discussion of the Buffalo State costumes and textiles and how they are stored and labeled.  Garments in the collection are from the 1860s to present day.
    • The textiles are stored in climate-controlled storage areas and protected from dust and light.
    • Textiles are placed on padded hangers to preserve their integrity.
    • Textiles not placed on hangers are stored in acid-free boxes with acid-free paper.
    • Accessories (hats, shoes, jewelry) have special storage areas.
    • Paper labels are currently used but, they are slowly transitioning to sewn labels.
    • Donations to the collection are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Recommendations for personal textile collections:
    • Use padded hangers (crochet the padding yourself with colorfast yarns on sturdy wire hangers).
    • Storage areas should be cool (65 – 75 deg F) and dry (65% relative humidity).
    • Store in paper boxes (acid-free only), wood boxes (must have a liner of muslin or acid-free paper), or plastic (using muslin or acid-free paper liners; drill holes to allow for air flow).
    • Roll rather than fold larger textiles to prevent permanent creases.
    • Don’t clean the textile if possible but if you must, hand wash with a mild detergent and support the item with a screen or muslin.
    • To restore older, damaged textiles, go to a professional.
    • Place garment in a Ziploc bag and placed in a freezer to kill any existing insects.  Dried herbs such as lavender or basil may help keep them away but, be sure to place them in a sachet bag to avoid direct contact with the textile and replace the dried herbs regularly.
  • A brief discussion of the mid-20th century knit and crochet garments she brought.
  • A tour of the Buff State website:
    • Go to https://library.buffalostate. edu/archives/ digitialcollections and then go down and click on Historic Costume & Textile Collection or go directly to https://digitalcommons. buffalostate.edu/ftt/

Clearly the Buffalo Knitting Guild is off and running to an exciting season.  Be sure to join us in October when we will have a panel of members discuss Knitting Adventures such as retreats, festivals and conferences.

click here to see some pictures from the evening

written by Cathy Frega

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