Resolve to be Part of Your Knitting Guild!

With the New Year Upon us, it’s time to think about resolutions.  How about making a New Year’s resolution to get more involved in your Buffalo Knitting Guild?  The Guild belongs to all of its members and can only be great through the work and participation of all of its members. Here are some ways you can get involved in your Guild :

  1. Teach a Class ! Every year the Guild holds member- to-member mini class and always need instructors. People feel they don’t have the skills to teach a class but you all have a specific knitting skill or talent that someone wants to learn. Resolve to help other members improve their knitting 1-4

    2. Write for the Newsletter ! The Guild puts out a bimonthly newsletter and is always in search of interesting articles. Write,reflect  about your experiences with knitting, review a fiber fest you’ve attended, review a knitting retreat , a knitting book you’ve recently read —the possibilities are endless and we are always looking for articles. Submit them via the guild email at contact@buffaloknittingguild.com1-7

    3.  Like us on Facebook ! Did you know the Guild has a Facebook page where members interact ? Like us on Facebook,share our posts , Resolve to get the word out about your Guild.1-2

    4. Follow Us on Instagram ! Yes we’re on Instagram  post all sorts of fun photos . Resolve to follow us, like our posts,  even repost our pictures! 1

    5.  Join the Guild Group on Ravelry ! We share  a ton of information on Ravelry about Guild programs,  knitting experiences, and we use Ravelry  to sign up for classes . If you are not on Ravelry you are missing out!  Resolve to join us on Ravelry – it’s the  place to be!  1-3

    6.  Present or Suggest a Program!  Every month the Guild holds its monthly meeting with a speaker presenting on a specific topic. That could be you! Talk to our Programming Department to suggest a program and offer yourself as a speaker .

    7.  Check out  the Guild Website!  Find out what is happening  and stay up-to-date on any last minute programming and KAL details.


  1. Volunteer to Work on a Committee! The Guild is an all volunteer organization and we need you to work on committees such as Yarn Fest, Seminar, Community Outreach, Charity — the possibilities are endless.


  1. Show and Tell – Be part of our Show and Tell, Knitted Displays and Fashion Shows. Resolve to be proud of your work and show it off to the world!

  1. Run for a Board Seat The Guild holds elections every year. Perhaps this is your year to be a Board member!

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