Success for both Teacher and Student at our Mini-Classes Meeting

It was totally my joy. Thank you for asking.

I would like to say Thank you to Barbara for sharing her time and talent with me and the other double knitting students.  I know it is not easy to put our hectic lives aside, but she did it and did it well for the good of all of us. Thank for teaching me/us to double knit!

The reviews are rolling in and as usual, people just loved our mini-class meeting.   Here are some shots of the variety of classes we offered and the tables filled with resources, focused knitters, and learning of all kinds.

Entrelac Basics – Taught by Marja Coons-Torn

Double Knitting – Taught by Barb Ghiandoni

Technology  – Taught by Holly Olmstead and Gina Passantino

Knit Companion – Taught by Deb Welch

3 Needle Bindoff – Taught by Maureen Regan

German Short Rows – Taught by Nancy Tepas

Basic Crochet – Taught by Linda Wetzler

Bobbles – Taught by Beth Kent

Picking Up Dropped Stiches – Taught by Adrienne Kotler

We thank all teachers and students who were willing to work together and support each other to learn a new skill or share knitting knowledge that is clearly evident within the body of our Buffalo Knitting Guild.


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  1. Judith Fales says:

    Kudos to Nancy. She had such patience while teaching us German short rows. I loved these classes and wish we could have more of them.
    Judy Fales

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