Excitement is in the Air; February Agenda included


Of course, by now you have received and have read about our exciting Seminar weekend.  There is a Page called Spring Seminar on our website for easy access as well as a Page specifically on Seminar Registration for your perusal.  I have attached the Registration form in PDF on BOTH of these Pages of our website for your convenience.  And, [HERE] it is again.   “In PDF” means you can click on that link, the form pops up, and you can print up that form to send in with your payment.  It’s meant to be easy.  Make sure when you send in your payment, you make very clear what specific classes you are interested in.  Do not send in payment without this indication.  And, as our website indicates, an email confirming your class(es) will be sent to you.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, there is a glitch in your registration.  This full circle communication is very important keeping all parties in-the-know, so be looking for this after your payment and of course, write to us if you have any inquiries.


You know that THIS Thursday, February 2nd is our evening of mini classes.

Teachers:  It would be very kind of you to send an email to your students EVEN IF THERE IS NO HOMEWORK.  I have received emails from very interested and highly eager students who they have NOT heard from you and are chomping at the bit needing time to do their homework.  (Imagine that!  eager to do homework)  Again, full circle communication is vital so students feel prepared and teachers know their students will feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Students:  When teachers send out their communication, please fulfill the requirements for your own comfort sake as well as the comfort of your teacher.  Remember, we are all on the same team of growing our skill in knitting (and some of us are growing our skill in technology related to knitting.)

What else to expect during this week’s meeting?


Sue’s Fourth Class in our Year Long KAL

Mini Classes

Raffle Basket

**Don’t forget the 6:30pm help sessions that Sue offers at every meeting to help with your KAL projects.




The February 2nd Guild Meeting will be your last opportunity to donate yarn for the Auction to be held on Monday, March 6th.

Spend some time over the next few days and clean out your stash that has overflowed your baskets and is beginning to take over your living room. Find the yarn that no longer looks as good as it did in the store, or no longer talks to you begging you to make something out of it and bring it to the meeting on the 2nd. The more yarn we have the more money we can make for the Guild and this will benefit all of us.

Remember that we basically want whole skeins. Partial skeins are okay if they are part of a lot.


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