A Peek at Yarn Auction Prep

It is about one week prior to our Annual Yarn Auction.  Preparations are underway for what we hope will be another successful event.  The idea has always been to donate yarn to the Knitting Guild knowing that one person’s ‘trash’ is another person’s treasure.  The donated yarns are bundled and become a ‘lot’.  These lots are organized, numbered, hauled to the meeting place and set up on display the night of the auction.  The information regarding the yarn is collated, recorded, and available at the meeting.  The prepared list coordinates with the lots, so the member can know ahead of time what she/he might bid on.

An idea to prepare yourself BEFORE the auction might be to review your queue of knitting projects, check to see what yarns you might need to knit those items and write yourself a list.  Or, of course there is always impulse shopping.

Here is a peek at the preparations that occurred this last Sunday.

Initial sort by fiber content


by reading the all-important bands.


a pretty organized bin or might we say, an organized bin of pretty


up close and personal; start your planning


WOW, check out the angora that will be included.


Who knew handling yarn would be back-breaking work?


ready for cataloging


It’s almost like sitting in a pot of gold.


Imagine this in your stash . . .


Some skeins were bundled to be called a Grab Bag.


We all had our tasks.




must have


Preparing for travel

Remember, our MEMBER’S ONLY Awesome Yarn Auction is MONDAY, MARCH 6th.

You might want to mark your calendars, now.

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