Charity Ideas

This year’s charity knitting are simple little projects for our furry friends being cared for at our local SPCAs.  We are putting a little love into our hearts and knitting for them in January.  Some of you may want to come to the meeting with a few items already knitted with the intent of those items being added to our donations.  Knowing there are a few willing and eager knitters in our Organization, we have collected and included a few  [FREE] patterns for you to consider.  We will add these patterns to our Resource Page, as well for everyone’s convenience.  Of course, Ravelry offers a wider selection.  Just go to the Patterns tab and type in the search box ‘knitting for animals’.

For Cats:

Simple Cat Toy

Cat Toys

Bumble Cat Toy

Seamless Catnip Mouse Toy

Pretty Kitty Bed

For Dogs:

Dog Toy

Indy’s Ball

Cold Snap Collar

Bow Tie Collar

Buster’s Knitted Bow Tie

We appreciate and thank you for your kindness in considering making any of these items, above.

For you who may have missed the cyber fashion show that was posted this last week, please enjoy.

And, finally The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo wishes you and your loved ones a very blessed holiday season.  We look forward to continued enjoyment of knitting and bringing programs that encourage and support in 2017.  We also thank you for reading our posts on our website and for welcoming this format of communication as we forge on in this ever-changing World.

photo credit:  Burchfield Penney Art Center


2 thoughts on “Charity Ideas

  1. Hello! I’m looking forward to this Thursday’s meeting. Do you know if the SPCA prefers their knitted items, such as the blankets, to be washable in hot water? Thanks!


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