December, January, February Announcements

DECEMBER IN REVIEW ~ This is a gallery of photos shared this week on social media of our lovely fashion show put on by our young models and hosted by Linda of Raveloe Fibers.  If you are interested in any of these projects, their names, patterns, or specific yarns, contact Linda and I am sure she would be thrilled to hear from you.  The photo fashion show is continuing through the next couple of weeks.

JANUARY PREPARATIONS ~ The January meeting is dedicated to charity knitting.  We will be knitting for cats and dogs who live in shelter and who are in need.  Donations will go directly to the SPCA and in fact that evening a representative from both the Niagara and Erie County sites will be speaking on behalf of the animals.  Our upcoming Newsletter will have specifics on this event but in the meantime, SPCA is always in need of the following NON-knitted items. We thought you might consider gathering some of these things during the next few weeks to be able to bring to our meeting to add to the knitted collection that we will be gifting.

Wish List Items:
Pooper scoopers, long-handled preferred
Paper towels
Dishcloth(s) (do not need to be new)
Hand and bath towels (do not need to be new)
Pillowcases and sheets (do not need to be new)
Dog biscuits (small or medium size)
Pet carriers (medium size)
Stuffed animals (6″ or larger)
Cat Toys – NO catnip, please
Collars and 6′ Leashes
Non-Clumping Cat Litter
Liquid Laundry Detergent with bleach
Gentle leaders
Hand sanitizer
Advantage flea products, Frontline flea products
Note: The Erie County SPCA especially always needs fleece blankets and infant sized receiving blankets

FEBRUARY  PREPARATIONS ~ Here is the list of classes that will be taught by our very own; classes that will be available to you at our popular February mini class program.  Check out the wide range of skills and opportunity.  Sign up is on Ravelry.  You will also be able to sign up for these classes at the January meeting.   [HERE] is the Ravelry link for registering.  Once there, follow the directions that are posted.  People have begun to sign up.

Knitting with I-Cord – Taught by Peggy Kresovich

I-Cord Bindoff – taught by Cecile Shmookler

Entrelac Basics – Taught by Marja Coons-Torn

Double Knitting – Taught by Barb Ghiandoni

Photographing Your Knits/Adding Pictures to Ravelry – Taught by Holly Olmstead

Using Websites to Improve Your Knitting, Esp the Guild Website – Taught by Gina Passantino

Knit Companion – Taught by Deb Welch

3 Needle Bindoff – Taught by Maureen Regan

German Short Rows – Taught by Nancy Tepas

Basic Crochet – Taught by Linda Wetzler

Bobbles – Taught by Beth Kent

Picking Up Dropped Stiches – Taught by Adrienne Kotler

***We thank all teachers ahead of time for their willingness to teach these valuable skills.


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