Calendar Page

Seems obvious what a Calendar Page would include however some of us may not know there is a Calendar Page.  This is an informational post specific to our calendar.

The more you know about each of these Pages on our website, the faster you can access  information that is there and available to you.  First off, the Calendar Page (or Tab) is located under the Programs Page.  Why?  All of our Pages can not fit across the website so we grouped related information together.  Programs, Calendar, Community Outreach, and Seminars is one such grouping.

To get to the Calendar Page, you tap on the Programs Page and then you will see a drop down menu.  You will immediately see that our Calendar Page is an option.  Tap on it.

Our Calendar holds a variety of schedules and is color-coded, accordingly.  We will use October as our example.  Our monthly membership meetings are in dark blue, information for most everyone in our Buffalo Knitting Guild.  For those on the Board of the Buffalo Knitting Guild, those meeting dates are marked in purple.  We have also included the due dates for our newsletter entries as anyone one of us can submit an article, a review, an idea, any piece of writing.  So, those due dates are included on our calendar and marked in red, typically on the tenth of particular months.  The Seminar weekend is indicated in May.  Holidays, in orange.

We could not include other yarn-y activities in or around town as it is not possible to keep track of all the goings-on that there are.  That in itself is good news as it suggests all things fiber are alive, well and active in our community!

With our google calendar, when you click or tap on the event, a window pops up.  The window offers choice of copying that event to your own calendar.  Here is our November window informing of our Mary Ann Colopy visit.  Click or tap on the choice of copying to your own calendar.  You could do this with each of our meetings and set up automatic reminders on your device.  There are a few meetings this year that are NOT scheduled on our regularly first Thursday of the month, so this might be quite helpful.

Also, on our Home Page, as well as at the bottom of every blog post, you will find this year’s monthly meeting dates. This is added insurance of ‘calendar’ accuracy.

We hope this is a useful tool for you in our ever-changing, techno savvy Buffalo Knitting Guild.

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