The Newsletters Page

You may have noticed, along the right hand column of our website, the word ‘Categories’.  Categories on a website helps the reader find information on that website.  The writer has taken the posts that they have written and organized them according to topic to help the reader navigate.   You see one such category on this site called About the Pages.  This blog post is explaining the Page called Newsletters.  

Back at the September meeting, there was an effort to explain a bit about our website.  We explained how all things Buffalo-Guild related, could be accessed here.  Such things as the patterns we are using are found under Resources Links, Meeting Place information found under Meeting Place, and the year-long programming found under Programs.  This is, of course also true of our newsletters.  Once they are published, they will be attached and filed under our Newsletters Page.

We call these Tabs, as opposed to Pages, because to us that is what they look like.  Just like tabs of a notebook are meant to serve as a way to organize information, the same is true on this website.

What is the difference between categories and pages/tabs?  On this website, the categories organize our blog while the pages/tab organize all other information.

We know that each of us is running different types of computers ie. PC or Mac as well as utilizing a variety of devices such as iPhones, iPads, or computers of varying sizes.  The website will look a different size, of course, depending on your device but will always have the same set-up with the award winning Buffalo Creek llama heading our Home Page and the information in Tabs to be accessed, below.

More on these Tabs.  There are Tabs filed under one another.  There were too many to spread across the top.  Therefore, we organized the Tabs in groups that made sense to us.  For example:  Membership Tab and the Meeting Place are grouped together as they were of similar topics.  Same with Programs, Calendar, Community Outreach, and Seminars.  To us, these were topics of activities.

Be aware of our email news.   First, you need to be a member to receive our emails.  And secondly, you need to be a member in good standing, that is, those members who have paid in full for this upcoming season will continue receiving our emails.  If you notice that you are no longer receiving email from us, this is why.  If your records show differently, use our Contact Page or our email address: to write to us.  This next email will be sent inclusive of our Nov/Dec Newsletter.   With our website, however you will always be able to access our most current Newsletter.  [as stated above]

Our current newsletter keeps us well informed of the programs that are coming up.  The newsletter also helps us to be organized for these programs AND our upcoming events.  Supplies will be needed for the year long knit along (KAL), photographed above, and the first lesson will be taught by Sue at the November meeting.  The Newsletter gives suggestions for these supplies.

If, for some reason, you want to go back and revisit or reflect or familiarize yourself with the goings-on of the Guild of year’s past, you can find the past two years of Newsletters archived on this website, of course, on the Newsletters Page/Tab.

We welcome any and all suggestions in making our website easier to navigate and/or more manageable for you.


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