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Are you wondering what happened to our resources, that is our tangible resources?  In particular, those hard cover books that used to be in the cabinet that you could look at and borrow?  (You might even be wondering where are the cabinets?)  I believe it was called The Lending Library.    Well, this post is explaining our new procedures regarding the existing collection of hard cover books and how you may continue to take them out on loan.  Also, towards the end of the post, there are two other announcements that may be of interest to you.

The library that the Guild had was quite extensive in the number of volumes there were.  So extensive, they consumed more space than we had storage and we are talking back in our old home.   There is no storage in our current new home.  If you looked very carefully at the collection, you would have noticed how many volumes were outdated.  I suppose in knitting and its history, one could ask how a volume on knitting could be thought of as outdated, but we all know that with new fibers, new techniques, and a non-stop pouring of new stitches and designs, this would be quite possible.  You may remember that at last year’s Yarn Fest these old editions and volumes were put up for raffles as well as for purchase.  We were able to weed out many of these older, less valuable books this way and gain some monies for the Guild.  We thought this a great effort in downsizing the collection and a necessary step in making the move easier.  Less ‘stuff’, of course makes for an easier move.  And, where was the property of the Guild going to be stored, anyways?

That said, there was a small collection of books that were of more value than others.  The Board of the Guild saw value in hanging on to them.  However, questions persisted.  Where to keep them?  How could we offer the continual use of these great resources to our membership?

Well, one member of the Guild has generously offered to store this valuable collection.  We are very appreciative of her kindness and now are able to move forward in the loaning of them.  The list of these books is on our website, on our Page called Library.  If you are wanting to borrow any one or more of these books, simply write to our email: or write a note using our Contact Page and we will bring the requested book(s) to the Guild meeting that follows your request.

We will keep track of the usage of these books and make a decision towards the end of this year as to how to move forward.  If the collection shows movement and/or popularity, they will stay in our possession one way or another.  If not, the Guild’s Board will decide where these hard covers could be donated and/or distributed.  This does not mean we will not have resources but likely we would look into furthering our online collection for members of the Guild.



While we are on the topic of resources, please find the latest resource written by Sue Yarborough outlining the organization of the presentations for our KAL.  There have been questions and she has responded with a very clear vision of how this project is going to flow.  GENERAL INFORMATION ON OUR 2016/17 KAL


And, finally please know that our very own Sharon Stern Gerstman is going to be on Jepordy, Nov. 3!   “After trying for decades, I will be a contestant on Jeopardy!  Watch on November 3 to see what happens!” exclaims Sharon.  We will all put our needles down (a time or two) to cheer you on, Sharon.  Wonder if Alex asked her about her hand knit . . .

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