Thank you, thank you, thank you

We want to take a reflective moment and thank people who made the October meeting so successful.

We all agree that the Ann Hood event was a huge success. Ann is an entertaining speaker, honest, and approachable. We all can, in some way, relate to her very real and heartfelt message.  We thank you, Ann for an evening we may think about for some time.

Gina, a public thank you for thinking of bringing Ann Hood to the Buffalo Knitting Guild and for working so diligently on this effort for several months, especially as of late. Your passion for the Guild comes through in shining color.

And, to the Board of the Buffalo Knitting Guild, a big public kudos, as we worked cooperatively in our respective jobs. The event was organized and efficient as we fielded the high attendance. Ann Hood presentation would not have been as enjoyable without this joint effort. So, we say congratulations to each other for working as a team.

Jenna, Knit Buffalo LLC  is always awesome.  We thank you for providing us with yarns to purchase of such quality and color brilliance.

Talking Leaves Book Store, we thank you for your cooperation and for your existence in our Buffalo area.  How fabulous was it to make this local connection?

Hyatt Place, we thank you for your tolerance to our group, allowing us to set up in your conference rooms and line your hallways.  Even your parking lot!  We appreciate your willingness to work with us with set up to make our members as comfortable as possible.  We are impressed with the extra touches, as well.  The fruit infused water, the beautiful Fall decorations were noticed and appreciated.

But, mostly we want to thank the membership of the Buffalo Knitting Guild.  It has been a trying start to our season as we work out our kinks of a new location, new ideas, and changes in the guard.  These new ventures has required all of us to think out of the box and be accepting of things that are NOT like they have always been.  And, that is difficult.  We very much appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding to this end.

NOTE:  From this point forward for our Guild meetings, Hyatt Place is giving us a discount on coffee and food.  Coffee will be $2 a cup instead of the normal $3.25.  Going forward, there will be grab-and-go sandwiches, salad, and pizza for $5 each.  Again, thank you Hyatt Place!

4 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you, thank you

  1. Thank you everyone involved in making knitting guild an enjoyable evening! All your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated! I look forward to the meetings and find so much inspiration while surrounded by wonderful and talented people. 🌻
    Darlene Connors-Honadle

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  2. And a thank you to Susy Palcic, Gina’s co-chair, for all of her effort and ideas, including putting the raffle baskets together to help fund Guild events and add a note of fun to each meeting.

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