Ann Hood Event / October Agenda

This will be the last blog post before our October meeting, our highly anticipated author talk, Writing About Knitting presented by Ann Hood.  Included here are some final details on this evening.

We are now full to capacity in seating.  Due to safety, no more reservations can be taken.  If you are still interested in attending and have not made a reservation, you could still place a request for a reservation and we will place you on a waiting list.  The Hyatt will be counting heads due to their responsibility of safety and the Knitting Guild will be allowing those with paid membership and reservations into the room to abide by the Hyatt’s ‘regs’ and to follow the protocol that has been stated to members. Having your membership card visible would be very helpful to you in our check-in procedure.

Members have been asking about arrival time.  Please know that doors will open at 6:15pm.  That is when Membership (those helping with entry) will begin the process of letting people into the room.

Let us remind you that Ann Hood’s books are available to you that evening.  The specific titles of books that will be there that evening are [HERE].  We graciously thank those of you who have pre-ordered books.  As you can imagine the convenience for the book seller with pre-orders.  Keep in mind it is not too late to place a pre-order NOW.  To do so, utilize our Contact Page OR our email:

Knit Buffalo, LLC Jenna’s mobile yarn truck WILL be in the parking lot this evening.  This is a special request made by Ann, herself.

Ann Hood’s presentation is the focal point followed by book selling and signing book plates of pre-orders as well as signing books you purchase.  Therefore, housekeeping announcements specific to the Knitting Guild will be kept to a minimum nor will there be raffle ticket / raffle basket activity.

Ann’s  Newest Book

Praise For The Book That Matters Most:

“Hood’s novel is rich with pleasures, and will no doubt launch a thousand book club discussions.”
—USA Today

“Hood examines the push and pull between mothers and grown children and the transformative power of fiction.”
—People “Best New Books”

“Great novelists can envelop you in relatable plot lines that make you feel like you’re part of the story. That’s what Ann Hood…does in her latest.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A delightful read….inspiration for book groups.”

NOTE:  Please know that when a link does not ‘work’, simply type the address of the link into your address bar and press send.

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