Ann Hood Books WILL be Available

One could say extreme circumstances called for extreme measures.  We thank everyone who has followed our prompts and reserved their seats for the October meeting. Now, we will share what to expect.

Seats will be set theater style allowing for more room and comfort for all of us.

After a short introduction, Ann Hood will honor us with her presentation, ‘Writing About Knitting’.

These following books will be available for purchase at the meeting  (prices are current and likely won’t change, but they always can, without warning or notice–prices do not include the 8.75% sales tax):

The Book That Matters Most $25.95 hardback
Comfort $12.95 paper
Italian Wife $15.95 paper
Knitting Circle (fiction) $14.95 paper
Knitting Pearls $25.95 hardback
Knitting Yarns $24.95 hardback
Knitting Yarns $15.95 paper
Obituary Writer $15.95 paper
Ornithologist’s Guide to Life $13.95 paper
Red Thread $14.95 paper
Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine $13.95 paper

Knitting Pearls is due in paperback on November 1st, for $15.95, so pre-orders can be taken for that, and  Ann will sign bookplates for those interested in getting that version to paste into their copies when they arrive.

On pre-order options:

If you intend to purchase x number of copies of any title, let us know.  Let us know by using our Contact Page OR our email address: and we will forward the information, accordingly.  OR contact Jonathon directly, from Talking Leaves at his email  Talking Leaves is an independently owned book store here in Buffalo.  So, you would not only be supporting your own learning by purchasing a book, but also supporting a locally owned business.


NOTE:  If any of these links do not ‘work’ for you, simply type in the address in the address bar and press the return key.  This is universal for any link on the internet.



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