October with Ann Hood / Reservations Available

If there was ever consensus on anything, the whole of the Guild’s membership agreed that while our new space is lovely with advantages of bright lights, windows, and updated technology, the arrangement we had of seats and tables for our September gathering was hot, uncomfortable, and undesirable.  The leadership of the Guild also agrees.  Therefore, here is how we are moving forward for our October Program.

First, let us remember that the October Program is acclaimed author Ann Hood, who often says, “Knitting saved my life.”  She joins us for a special evening to discuss the impact of knitting on writers and writing.  Ann will take us on her own personal journey as we share and learn about the ways knitting touches our lives.  This program is open to the public.

Because this program has been opened to the public and we want seating for as many as possible, we are making these changes:

  1.  The room itself will be set up theater style.  That means the elimination of tables. Chairs will be set up in rows.

2.  While this will accommodate more people, we also need to honor rules of safety which involves a cap on attendance.  Therefore, to ensure a seat for this program, we highly recommend you make a reservation.

Reservations are available for guild members.

Without a reservation, there is no assurance of a seat.

Email us to make YOUR reservation.


Deadline:  October 1st or full

We will  organize in this way:

  • People with reservations will be marked off and let in.
  • Those without reservations will need to show their membership cards (or be checked against a list), pay their annual dues, or pay $5.  However, without a reservation there is not an assurance of a seat.

As we know, there are a limited number of seats.

We are operating on a first come, first serve basis.



Please share this information with your guild member friends.  You may request your reservation immediately.

11 thoughts on “October with Ann Hood / Reservations Available

    1. I do have to wonder why you had difficulty. About 100 people have now sent emails to that very address. Consider your seat reserved and we are sorry for your difficulties.


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