On Membership

For the youngsters and their families, September is all about getting ready for a new school year.  For people considering joining The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo, September is all about membership dues.  Yes, we would like payment IN September.

Every summer the website is updated.  The minute the website is updated, a person interested in joining the Guild can send in his/her payment for the upcoming season.  This year, the website went ‘live’ with its updates on July 1st.  That really denoted the beginning of a new season.  There were people who paid then, the early birds!  They are now prepared with all the season has to offer.   Those people are probably reading about the programming, preparing through knitting, and anticipating an exciting season.

You can pay either through Paypal, [HERE], the safest and most convenient way to pay OR by filling out a form and sending in that form to the P.O. Box included and pay with a check.  Paypal leaves a nice electronic crumb of evidence which is why we recommend paying that way.  If there is a dispute of payment, it is very easy to go to the Paypal website and look your payment up. If you pay by paper form and check, any number of issues could arise if there is a dispute.  We all know of those types of issues.

Many people will be helping at the Membership table this year.  We have a record of payments thus far.  If you pay BEFORE the meeting, like TODAY, all you will need to do is give your name, check in, and get your membership tag for this year!  What do the kids say?  “Easy, Peesy Lemon Squeezy!”

If you have not paid, you will need to fill out a form at the membership desk, find your monies, give your name, be checked in, and then be admitted.  THAT is laborious for everyone involved not to mention time consuming and causes angst.

Why do we want payment in September?  Let’s list top three reasons!

  1.  Our Guild season begins in SEPTEMBER.  It is responsible to pay for a new season promptly.
  2. You get our updated weekly emails and Newsletters immediately.
  3. You get [FREE] entry into our October Public Event with Ann Hood, nationally known speaker.   A plea from the Programming Department:  Please get your membership in NOW via PayPal or pay at September meeting. October’s meeting, highlighted by Award Winning Author Ann Hood, is open to the public.  Cost is $5.00 to non-members and free to members.  You need to have dues paid in order to be admitted into Ann Hood as a paying member in good standing. We are expecting a big turnout and can’t wait to show off the amazing Buffalo Knitters.  Don’t miss Ann Hood in October.
  4. We will begin all programs promptly, 7:00pm sharp.  That includes our September program.

ok, We listed four reasons.

If membership dues and this information seems different than in former years where you paid later in the season, you may be right.  We said there would be change and here is another example.

So, September is for M:  Membership into The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo!


NOTE:  A Mighty THANK YOU to all who have taken these words seriously and are now ready for a Magnificent Year!

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