A Virtual Smorgasbord

We are on a LOT of sites now, social media and otherwise.  We have made it as easy as possible for you to find us.  There are many choices in finding our latest updates.  This post is to clarify a thing or two and our rationale as to why we have taken the time this summer to develop our online presence! 

SOCAL MEDIA SITES:  The site where we post the most often is on Facebook.  It is fast, easy, and is the most popular of the social media sites.  We are also on Instagram.  That is a site for videos and photographs.  When the season begins, there will be many photographs taken (like last year).  So, it makes logical sense that we are on that site.  We are on Google+ which is the social media for Google.  There are an ever increasing number of people with Google accounts so we thought that a very good place to be.  Linkedin serves the professionals in our Guild, those who are employed in jobs where networking is a natural and necessary part of their profession.  And, of course we are on Ravelry as what kind of knitting group would we be if we weren’t on the largest social media site for knitters and crocheters?  WordPress is where you are right now as you read these words.  WordPress is exactly what it says, online space where one writes for a wide range of purposes:  informational, narrative, opinion, etc.  We have this space to inform our Guild members of happenings.  Here you can find resources, patterns, a calendar of events, photos of last year’s events as you click through the tabs.

CHOICE:  It is your choice whether to follow us on some of these sites, all of these sites, or none of these sites.

WEBSITE SUGGESTION:  As a member of the Guild, we highly suggest you follow us HERE on WordPress.  This is the hub or central control center of our communication (CCC of C.)  Don’t you love it?  By ‘following us’, I simply mean putting your name in the lower corner blue box and the new post is sent directly to your personal email every time we write.  To get the most out of your time and energies with The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo, you want to know what is going on at the moment, but you also need to know what is going on in the future.  The Guild is multi-faceted with many things going on at once, each with its own purpose, sometimes with homework, sometimes serving the General Public, always attempting to be professional and helpful to you as you grow in this art form.  You would not miss a thing by subscribing to this site!

EMAIL:  Now, we also have our email system which is now Vertical Response.  The first email utilizing our new email system went out last week.  If you did not get it, do not worry.   Most of the emails will simply be a reminder to check the new blog post.  There will not be information beyond that in an email.

YOU MIGHT ASK . . . Why not just put the information in an email?  There are a few reasons.  One is the oftentimes glitches in the delivery of email.  That means that person(s) does not receive the information.  Also, by posting our information here in a blog, part of our website, the information is readily available whenever you want it.  How many times have you gone searching for an email and cannot find it?  Also, it makes public all our information so everyone sees the same information, whether you are a member or not.  Nonmembers may become motivated to join if the information is readily accessible and transparent.  Also, and importantly, a blog is a running commentary of thought.  It is a record of information.  People can respond, like, and or ask questions.  Others can see the responses.   To create an email or otherwise known as a ‘campaign’ is not using the time of the creator smartly.  Time spent on cutsie emails, to us is a waste.  We would rather spend the time on our content which is always plentiful and hopefully engaging to the reader.

ONE EXCEPTION:  Our email system is the way we distribute the Newsletter.  So, do know that.  Also, our email will be used if there is an emergency, aka a cancellation of a meeting due to inclement weather.  We will also be utilizing Channel 2 for this service of announcing emergencies.

IN CONCLUSION:  If you subscribe to our emails (a member benefit) AND our website (one post per week, one follow-up email informing you of that post) you would be well informed to all that is going on with the Knitting Guild this year.

You would be showing your appreciation of our hard work if you ‘liked’ our Facebook Page.  

2 thoughts on “A Virtual Smorgasbord

    1. Click the little blue box in the lower right hand corner and follow the prompts. I believe it asks for your email address so that the new posts can go directly there. We are growing with all things technology and otherwise. :)


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