Continued November Thanks and December Agenda

The last blog post was a recount of the second part of our November Program.  You can revisit it [HERE].  We mustn’t forget the first half of our November meeting.  We would like to extend a rousing applause of appreciation to Sue, our teacher who is leading us out in this year’s Knit Along (KAL).

img_1111 Sue has organized her lessons in themes and brought to us the theme of Textures at the November meeting.  These squares include:  Moss Heart, Texture Tree, Moss Spot Square, and Box Square.  These are similar in that, when completed, the knitted fabric has a sort of bumpy feel to it.

Here is a close up of the squares she introduced us to and you can see how those bumps form the pattern.

Sue also gave some simple and effective generic knitting tips and who doesn’t like to learn a new thing or two about their passion?

It’s always nice to be able to access the General Directions document, so here it is attached again for your convenience.   And, yes the document is remaining on our Resources Page, as well.


• Need new pattern ideas? Wondering what the hottest trends are in knit wear? Find out Dec 1st when Raveloe Fibers teams up with Indie Dyer Monica White Fiber Arts for a fun trunk show evening! Raveloe and Monica White will also have yarn, patterns, and kits on sale after the trunk show for your stash enhancement and holiday gift giving.

• Sue Yarborough presents the second lesson in the year long Guild KAL.  The theme of these squares is The Slip Stitch.  These squares include:  Nordic Stripe, Slip Stitch Tweed, and the Slip Stitch Check.  We are sure Sue will have visuals to guide us in her teaching.


Our February Classes are all filled with teachers!  This is an early thank you for those who  are teaching others their tips/tricks and what has worked for them.  We anticipate much enthusiasm as this meeting has always been a highly favored one in the past.

REMEMBER, Our meeting is THIS Thursday, December 1st.

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