Knit for a Lifetime!

“Activity is the essence of life” said Dean Carroll OT/R, at the Guild’s October meeting.  Dean was our featured speaker and taught us  how to keep our bodies healthy so we can  knit for a lifetime.20171005_195439

Here are some tips Dean shared:


Don’t Knit for Hours

     Change your posture frequently and don’t sit for more  than 20 minutes. Get up and move, do something else, stretch. Frequent stretching is essential.





The Position of Comfort = The Position Of  Deformity

That favorite ,worn out, soft chair you sit on may not be the best for knitting and your body.  The pelvis supports the spine and tilts forward and back. Use a lumbar roll to support your pelvis and  spine. The softer the chair the more likely you are to round your pelvis  in a bad  way so think about what you are sitting on!sit1

Mind Your Elbows

Elbows are the most neglected joint in the body. Don’t let your  elbows stay in one position for too long. You could develop a bursitis and/or  joint issues  and   have problems knitting down the road.elbow

     Adequate Lighting is Essential

Eyes can become strained and injured when  lighting is not sufficient.  Also, you may position yourself in an awkward position if  lighting is too dim which could then cause injuries to the body.lights

      Temperature is Important

Repetitive movements in cold environments can lead to arthritic conditions and repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel  syndrome.  If your hands feel cold raise the heat or wear compression style  fingerless gloves while you knit to keep  joints warm and to provide support to  your hands. temp

What do you do to ensure you can Knit for a Lifetime?  Share in our comments section!